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Company Profile
As one of leading staples factories in China, Shaoxing Huachang has been manufacturing various types of office paper staples for over 20 years.  At the beginning of industry, all staples were made by single-wire machines, but nowadays besides divergent pointed industrial staples, all office paper staples are made by high-accuracy multi-wire band machines, which have been leading to the best quality office staples in China.
Our Staples & Advantages
Our Staples: No.10, 6/4, 8/4, SP19-1/4, STCR2115, #700 Undulated, 26/6~26/10, 24/6~24/10, 23/6~23/24, 66, 44
Materials: Galvanized Steel Wire, Copper-Plated Steel Wire, Stainless Steel Wire.
Our Quality: 20 years technology and engineers, unique supply of great galvanized steel wire, patent wire hard draw equipments, very low glue shearing value, top-quality punching machines, excellent quality staples, and very competitive prices.
Monthly Capacity: 5 containers of 26 Series Staples and STCR2115 Series Staples, 2 containers of 24 Series Staples; 3 containers of No.10 & Other Staples
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